I'm originally from Miami Florida. I've been here in NC. since 1975. I've been woodworking about 30 years and kitchen design for 25. My son Sam and I work together on projects. Sam is amazing on the lathe, he does all the custom turnings and handles the installation of the interior trim. Aside from being a great cabinetmaker he has done quite well at stair carpentry. I can't say enough about him, he is a skilled artesian. My wife Karen and daughter Mandy are assets that I can't fail to mention. Although they have piitched in when needed to load or unload truck, sanded for hours on end or hand painted a fine line for detail on a shop full of cabinet doors, I could go on.
The bottom line is they are both involved in just about every project. Their good taste and opinion is called upon often and is priceless. We're a family business, we work well together and the finished product is a team effort. The Old Winery is here on the farm so our hours of operation are not limited to nine to five. Feel free to call in the evening, somebody will be here.I've tried to be somewhat more personal in this About Us section of the site and give you a peek into the life of the Coman family. The reason is that we take our craft very personal and our service to you the client comes from our heart. It's not all about our pocketbook. The older I become, the reality of how short life is becomes clear. As a craftsman or artist I can only produce so much in a lifetime. Only so many kitchens, bookcases ect... If the works of my hands are my service to you, I want to serve with excellence. The time, labor, money spent and the building of relationship must come from the heart for there to be excellence and quality. This is what we're about. Excellence in handcrafted custom cabinetry and fine woodwork, quality service and a unique personable experience. Enjoy our site, Richard Coman (910) 673-2906