Hands On best describes our technique at The OldWinery. As with colors the options are unlimited. Our stains and glazes are hand-rubbed. Our sanding process between coats are also by hand. We use primarily a maximum lacquer as our finished clear coat on cabinetry and furniture. Options from a dull rub, medium rub to a high gloss are also available.Polyurethane, varnishes and hand-rubbed oils are also an option on select furniture pieces and table tops.We also pour clear table top resin for office and bartops. Our specialty finishes such as antiquing, distress,and faux are superior due to our appreciation for the art. Many years of trial, error and success have went into developing techniques. Knowledge of what tools would be best to use such as a tip of a rag or a feather, maybe your fingertip. Techniques vary from project to project. Itís whatever works to bring your vision into reality. A finish on a room full of cabinetry is much different than on a small piece, a specialty finish particularly. Every door, drawer front, panel and frame is itís own piece of art. Every piece has to blend well with the art next to it. Doors layed out in finish room in the order in which they will hang to assure the door your working on looks good with itís neighbor is just one example of the many detailed steps that must be taken in order to produce a superior product.