At the Old Winery we offer an unlimited choice of color. We work primarily with laquer, though we do offer options of water base and oil base enamels. All of our colors are custom mixed to our clients specifications. 
Our stained woodwork has unlimited options as well. We have the ability to change the base color of the natural wood with the use of dyes. For example, a blonde maple can be finished to a warm cherry.                                                                                                   
We use a three step process, dye, stain and glazing. Glazing is a stain that is applied between finish coats of clear laquer. The color options are truly unlimited.
In years gone by artists and woodworkers would use a wide range of medium to acheive the desired color. Rust, different powder from stone, dyes and pigments from many natural sources. Much of the deep red we see in old architecture is due to staining with iodine. Acheiveing desired color and tint is much easier today but there is a catch. The catch is the mixing of products from different suppliers and chemical compatibility. 
At the Old winery we purchase all our laquer's, stains, glazing, and related solvents from the same company. This assures chemical compatibility and stability in our finish. Attention to this detail in the foundation of our finishes minimizes fadeing and increases the durabilty of our product.